Mrs. Jaime Taylor-Fujikawa, BS, RDMS. RDCS

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I have been a perinatal sonographer specializing in for you for the past 15 years at an MFM clinic in Eugene Oregon where I also reside.

I am married, and have 2 sons, ages 12 and 8. 

I have been lucky enough to work with incredible colleagues, who I also get to call my closest friends, and physicians who have always created an enjoyable and collaborative team dynamic within our MFM practice. 

Besides my clinical practice, I enjoy lecturing on the topic of fetal echocardiography, and always love the opportunity to teach both medical students & sonography students how to perform perinatal ultrasound. I also love engaging with my patients during their exams, and trying to teach them the many ways we can utilize sonography to help care for the health of their pregnancy.  

I began my career practicing adult/pediatric echo and MFM sonography. I’ve been told that my love of all things cardiac is evident within my fetal echocardiography practice, and I enjoy participating in the development & delivery of continuing sonography education especially as it pertains to fetal echo. 

In my off time I am enjoying travel, dancing, roller skating, snowboarding, wakeboarding, yoga, playing with my kids, and visiting with friends and family.

I created a podcast titled International Sonography Podcast (ISP) in 2018 with my cohost to Laurinda Andrist, who is also my clinical instructor when I first began my career. We have enjoyed interviewing pioneers of the sonography profession, CEOs of multiple sonography organizations, as well as  Sonographers & physicians from over the globe who utilize diagnostic medical ultrasound. While doing this Podcast, I have been honored to meet so many individuals that have impacted the way I see our profession, and have so honored to have been able to hear their stories.