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Sometimes it may feel like life just happens and you are only holding on for the ride, but the truth is that reality is highly influenced. Everything you do – every action you take, every thought you have and every move you make – is responsible for the reality that you experience each day. Your thoughts, fears and beliefs are actually playing a huge role in dictating who you are as a person and in turn, how you experience life. In other words, although the things that take place within your life seem randomly up to chance, you hold a big part of the authority over who you are and what ends up happening to you throughout your lifetime.

Mind-Set Plays A Key Role: Create Your Own Reality

Someone who always tends to carry positive thoughts will more often than not expect the best in life, no matter how tough things may appear on the surface. This person is capable of appreciating the positive aspects of  life even when things are not always favoring them.

On the contrary, a negative thinking person will always be pulled towards a narrow perspective and will be very capable seeing the worst of things. Such a person will always see a glass half empty instead of half full. Accustomed to focusing on the negatives, this type of mind-set makes it virtually impossible for anything positive to settle in.

Things are not always black and white and there are many different ways to experience the same situations in life, it just depends where your awareness is being placed at any given time. In other words, you create your own reality  by what you focus on. Being opportunistic is a characteristic of someone who perceives their world from a positive mind-set. Someone who carries the mind-set of a victim has surrendered control and perceives life as an uphill battle that is not in his or her favor to be won. It sounds pretty straightforward, but whichever way you intend to perceive your own reality begins with a very important choice. This choice comes down to which type of mind-set you intend to create your own reality with.

Emotions and Feelings

Our feelings also play a very big role when we are influencing our life experience. If you really want to achieve something in your life, the excitement can be felt deep within. This deep sensation is where we carry our intention. This sends a strong frequency into how we approach life and activates the part of the brain that is ready to take action.  When we get fired up about something, it can often feel like we are letting the whole world know that we deserve it. That is the power of positive intention.

Fear, however,  is a feeling that tends to limit our perspective and weaken our mind-set.  From a fearful state, our minds are racing with negative thoughts. We are less likely to see opportunity and more willing to run and hide.
When operating from a fearful perspective you will see life's most exciting events as threatening. If you tend to approach life with a
fearful mind-set, opportunity to grow and make real progress towards the life you desire will be extremely difficult.

Fear causes a loss of momentum in life and career because taking the steps needed to change your job or path in life requires you to break out of your comfort zone. You may remain single if you won’t let go of the fear of rejection. You will never find your true path and purpose in life if fear becomes your reality.

Taking even the smallest steps each day to intentionally overcome fear within different areas of your life will give way to amazing and abundant change.

The choices and decisions we make every day play a part in how you create your own reality. Many  people do not manifest what they truly want in life. These people are sometimes so afraid to make mistakes that they never end up taking the first steps towards a more exciting life. They subconsciously decide that they are not the type of person that they wish they could be and that becomes their reality. It is important to know that each day is a field of endless possibility and you have the power to influence the outcome of your life with each passing second. But nothing will happen if you don’t try. Allow  that be your reality every morning by weaving it  into your  first thoughts of the day.

A deeper and more profound way of understanding your reality is that nature responds to your choices. If you make a choice to get out there and make stuff happen, the natural laws of life and dynamics of the universe will come into play. This takes place by either letting you know that you are on the right path – in the form of inner joy and elation – or pointing you in another direction, by presenting a challenge that must be overcame if you wish to continue towards your ideals. The process begins when you decide, and often times what is needed to overcome adversity is the very thing that was needed to open your eyes to an exciting new reality.

Choices have consequences and therefore we should always endeavor to make the right choices. However, do not let this mislead you into believing that all choices will go your way. Learn from your bad choices and use these lessons to improve yourself.

Beliefs and Influence

Your beliefs also create your reality as much as your thoughts do. If you believe you are not talented enough, then you will never get the confidence to show the world what you can do. Our beliefs are very important to us as we spend most of our time and energy unknowingly trying to prove them. If your beliefs are positive, you invest a lot in proving them right and end up creating a very positive reality. However, if they are negative, you are constantly trying to find troubling situations in order to validate your point of view.  You end up creating a very bleak reality.

Some people do not believe that we are responsible for everything that happens to us. For example, when someone loses a loved one through an accident, how are they responsible for it? There is never complete responsibility for everything that takes place in our lives and there are some factors that inevitably affect all of us in negative ways. We may not have control over everything that happens but we have a choice over just how we are going to deal with the variations of reality and opportunities to influence.

Becoming destructive over a great loss should never be an option. Grief, anxiety and desperation always follow great losses in life but it is important to know that others have gone through it and come back even stronger. Make a decision to give yourself time to get over it. Believe deep within yourself that everything will be okay with time and you deserve to squeeze the best out of your time.

There is a very big difference between what happens to us and responding to what happens to us. Use what happens to learn and improve yourself. Influence your own reality by expecting the best even when everything is going against your will and plan. Always entertain positive thoughts, beliefs and strive to make the best choices and decisions. It is the only way to create your own reality.